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Site Updates July 13, 2011

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Here’s the site updates thus far.  All future updates will have their own post.


“This account was suspended for being Inactive.” I’m sorry, what? For being inactive for, what, five hours? Oh, I’m sorry for having a life, Byethost. Do you feel neglected? Like that school kid with cerebral palsy? Aw.


I’m just going to go ahead and say June 7th was the RGT’s officially start day. That was the day that I finally finished school and I can now devote more time to more pressing matters, like Minecraft. Or.. eh.. you know. RGT.


Had visitors all week, so I’m starting up again now. Heehee, and I’m starting college soon! Going to Full Sail University starting August 29th! I need to start putting these updates on my blog.


Monster Energy Drinks

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Before I post the updates, I’d just like to say that Monster is amazing. I decided to clean up the older posts a bit and I noticed that they are perfect examples of what I wanted to mention in this post: When I start typing something, I either can’t stop going off topic or I just rant for a long time.  Monster actually helps me concentrate and keep a steady mind, with the downside that I can’t always tell when I’m hungry. I think that’s a worthy sacrifice.


An Update

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I commonly have rather insightful internal monologues that would be perfect to place on this blog. Unfortunately, most of them are abandoned due to laziness while some of them simply come at inconvenient times. The others, however rare they are, are alas almost always lost once I get to writing them down. This is a super-rare occasion where I have overcome both laziness and lost ideas — I had a general idea as to what to write about and I am making it up on the spot. It seems to be working well. To keep any readers, if there are any at all, from getting high and dry, here’s some updates about my life, blog and some important things to me. Not necessarily in that order but bear with me.

I will be updating this blog with a few different things: Primarily site updates (probably will be the glue that stops this blog from falling to oblivion again); things of interest to me; things that I believe may be of interest to share; and on occasion, some coverage of new happenings. The blog will hopefully be either regularly updated or updated with very little downtime, but as per every such promise, I can’t promise I’ll hold my promise. Yes, that’s a paradox. You figure it out, because I can’t.

Now for a little about my life. I’ve finished high school by the skin of my teeth, and I’m really excited about it! I took a week of hardcore studying and I’m really glad I did. It’s possibly the only thing that helped me through. The funny thing is, I took all 12 years but I passed as a Junior. Go figure. There’s gotta be an achievement somewhere for that, right?

With my high school years gone, what would be better than to go right back in? I’m almost completely straying from what I used to want to go into, which was game developement or software programming, or something that relates to programming or computers. I honestly was never sure what exactly I wanted to get into. As of recently, I finally figured out exactly what I wanted to do and I’m rather embarrassed to say that it’s been in my life this whole time without my taking true notice of it: Art. It’s only fitting that I’m going to be majoring in either Game Art & Design at the Art Institute or Game Art at Full Sail University, depending on whether or not I get accepted into the Art Institute. Here’s hoping I do, as I’m wary of going to Full Sail. In fact, if I don’t get accepted I might settle for the community — I’m sorry, “state” now — college until I do. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing school but it’s just not quite for me.

As I mentioned before, I’m going to be putting updates related to my site here. These updates will range from design updates and new features to sneak-peeks and beta/test applications. I will probably embed this blog in part or in whole into the site, too, but that’s another thing to put on my long list of things to do. I’ll put it near the top. I also suggest anyone interested in my site to watch this blog rather than watch the site, because the URL for my site will not be permanent and may change a few times before becoming so. I will keep the current URL somewhere on this blog, probably on the front page.

I think that covers everything for now. My next post will have the current site updates, then I’ll clean up the blog a bit. This should come either later tonight or sometime tomorrow — hopefully tonight.

Here’s to the rebirth of my blog, and to the start of renewed activity!


‘Tis the season — of hacking. December 22, 2010

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‘Tis the season of hacking, it seems. There are multiple websites being targeted for various reasons:  PayPal, Amazon, Visa, FurAffinity, WikiLeaks.. the list goes on.  Seems to me that people have implicitly been given the “O.K.” to start doing this, even though it is illegal.  Still, many major websites are getting the butt-end of these attacks.

Of course, I use the term “hack” loosely.  In most cases, the attacks were simply “Distributed Denial of Service” (DDoS) attacks, which only cause a web server to be brought down, usually only temporarily, and usually require no hacking at all.  That said, they can cause massive damage to a server’s equipment.

This implicit “O.K.” seems to have stemmed from the attacks on WikiLeaks, which spurred many counter-attacks, including at least one on the the DoS’er going by the handle of “th3j35t3r.”  “th3j35t3r” is a “patriot hacker” that successfully brought down WikiLeaks using a tool that he calls “XerXes.”  Unlike DDoS’ing tools, XerXes seems to only need one person (Taking the first “D” off of “DDoS”).

As someone said not too long ago regarding this: “This is the sort of thing envisioned by the early hacker kids in the 80’s and 90’s. This is WarGames post-Cold War. This is the movie Hollywood couldn’t ever produce.”  This is completely right.  We are living in an era of “cyber warfare,” and we need to try to play it safe.  Secure your passwords, encrypt your connections, get behind 7 proxies.  The main groups of attackers are not trying to go after neutral users, but neither they nor I can speak for any rouges that could exploit this situation for their own personal gain.  Stay safe.

Now for the subject that seems to be in every FA user’s mind, of something that has happened very recently:
Note:  This is based on information that was personally gathered and I do not speak directly on behalf of FurAffinity or any of its administrators.  Treat this information as if you were reading it from a barely-known WordPress user’s blog post.

In FurAffinity’s case, there was hacking, and there was a breach of user accounts — but you can probably rest assured that your account was not compromised.  If I were you, I would change my password anyway.

The details are cloudy, but apparently there was a rape that occurred.  The victim, from what has been gathered, told.. someone (we’ll call him “Bob” for the sake of less confusion).. who found out that the rapist was a FurAffinity user.  Bob, out of rage towards the admins of FurAffinity, started what most have already figured out:  A sudden and seemingly well-coordinated attack on FurAffinity, allowing him to gain unauthorized access throughout the website.

With this access, he was able to leak out administrators’ notes and then go on to mess with several users’ galleries before finishing the job by launching a DDoS attack aimed at FurAffinity’s servers.  I’m not sure if this final attack was successful or not, but FurAffinity seems to be getting back on its feet quite nicely.  The software is currently being checked for more security holes, hopefully enough that any large vulnerabilities can be patched to prevent another epidemic.

The official report by FurAffinity’s Dragoneer can be found here.

I’m sorry it’s a bit disorganized, but I didn’t even know where to start. If there’s information that I’ve overlooked or am misinformed about, and I say this in hopes that anyone at all reads this blog post, please tell me. I’d love to have more information on the subjects, especially regarding “Bob” and the rape.


Inspirational And Motivational Weekend December 15, 2010

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Hey, I have a WordPress. How long has this been here, and why was I not informed??

Wooo, post. I feel like sharing.
So, I pretty much gave up on school. “Oh, you’re just too lazy to do the work.” No. I gave up on it because I found it pointless. I had no reason for why I should keep trying and figured I could get by with what I already knew. After all, programming was already as easy as a first language and anything I didn’t know could be found online, right? But, I also had no idea what exactly I would do afterwards. Sure, I could do some programs or make a few websites and use them as a portfolio, and work my way up the chain to get a full-time job doing so, but at the same time it didn’t really seem right. In all honesty, I hate programming. I think it’s cool and I feel lucky that I can do so, and I’ve been told that I can make some pretty cool things. Doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like it.

That was my attitude up until this past Friday.

Over this past weekend, I visited two colleges: The Art Institute of Tampa and Full Sail University. It was so cool to go to them both!

Spoiler: I always have (and still do!) love art. It had always been a “That’s cool, I’m going to do stuff like that!” sort of thing. I would practice of course, but I would never get very good and would be too embarrassed to show anyone. For all this time, I always thought art would just be a small hobby while I do whatever I ended up doing.

That all changed. I have officially changed my major to something that I can see myself doing, and being happy doing it! Here’s a hint. It’s art related. Going to the colleges was so inspirational, I’m actually gladly doing things in school so I can graduate on time and with a good record. Unexpected, no? I hope I didn’t mess myself up; I’m so far behind, it’s unbelievable. It’s pretty cool, though; I’m so far behind and yet when I actually have motivation and drive, I can take out respectable chunks of work.

This is the last week before finals, then the semester ends. Wish me luck!<3


A little about me January 27, 2010

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I decided to share.

A kid (mask’d) at the age of under-thirty (mask’d), living in.. the United States.  That’s as detailed as I’m going to be for my location, but it’s a bit trivial to go any further.  As if this wasn’t trivial enough. :p

I’m a programmer.. sorta.  I make some programs on my computer but I prefer an environment where I can share what I’ve created easily and with instant feedback.  So I create scripts on online games such as ROBLOX or Second Life. Of course, there’s more to Second Life and ROBLOX than just creating scripts. Luckily I’ve got a few more bases covered: Image editing, sound editing (not so much, but I have experience nevertheless) and, of course, creating in-game structures.

I’m a gamer, can’t truthfully deny that. I don’t have anything fancy, no Xbox 360 or anything. Just a PS3 with surround sound speakers and a HD flat-screen television in my own room full of games. That was a joke. Ha ha. Fat chance. I actually prefer old-school games, but a PS3 /would/ be nice. Anywho, back to online games, as that’s also a preference. 😀

I prefer online games over console games, for friends of course! I’ve met many friends online, including, but not limited to, the following people you will probably never meet: KhanKaze, Glyph, Foxdog/Apollo, Midnight, Lilyfox.. you get the picture. ;3 Click Fox’s link by the way. It’s a blog. It’s so much better than mine. Click it. Do it. Now.

Of course, if you’ve paid any attention, I’m furry with a large love of anime. I’m a bit deprived of anime though. I blame my parents. Trying to get back into it but it’s a process. My friends are helping! 😀 I used to have a tail that I got at Anime South (described in an earlier post), but it’s kinda.. not as usable anymore until I get it fixed (more on that if I get to it). When I stopped using my tail I felt a bit bare.. I’m very furry. :3 But I’m not at all the stereotypical furry that you might have seen if you’re browsing around trying to figure out what that means; the stereotypes are absolutely false. Let’s just get that over with now.

So, what have we learned? Absolutely nothing? Well, I just wanted to share a little. I have ADHD, which may explain any holes or sudden jumps from one subject to another. I’ll come back and edit this from time to time to fill in any holes though, you can be sure of that. xp

Edit, July 13, 2011:  I’m going to keep this up for just a little bit longer until I get an About Me page sorted out.  Once that happens, I’m deleting this.


Anime South January 22, 2010

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Not too long ago, I went to Anime South! I’ve never been to a convention before and I was really nervous about it, but I was really excited at the same time. It was about an hour away from me, but even if it was 10 hours it would’ve been well worth the drive. It was really cool seeing so many other anime fans all in one place! Unfortunately we only stayed for one day, and something happened that delayed our leaving for it, so we didn’t really get to do much but I had a lot of fun there regardless. One of the biggest things: I bought a bag. It was $60! Inside? Over $140 of merchandise! I got things that I probably wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, only think about getting, so this really excited me! There was speed dating (missed it), a cosplay and talent contest (missed it.. but my friend was in it!) and a rave and stuff (missed it)! Wish I could’ve stayed all three days though.

On another note, I got a tail from the convention and a few boxes of pucca, which I rarely can get. There’s going to be another convention (a furry one) on March 25-28 and I’m going to try to go! 😀