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Birthday! (and a website update) May 1, 2012

Filed under: Updates,Website Updates — Rorroh @ 10:22 pm

Hey guys, the 28th of April was my birthday! Lots and lots of nothing was planned for that day, but it was fun anyway! I got a bagel for breakfast, had dinner with family at Chili’s and had delicious cake. My mood was awesome, too, so that made that day even better. What’s more, the mood is still lasting.

Also, the night before my birthday I decided to treat myself to a domain name. You know, because I’m so sweet. I now officially own and am located at This is something I’ve been waiting a long time for, so I’m pretty excited to finally have it.

All-in-all, pretty great birthday!

I’ve also got another update coming in a few minutes. On its surface, it’s not really a “good” one, but it’s for the best.


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