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Site Updates July 13, 2011

Filed under: Updates,Website Updates — Rorroh @ 10:56 pm

Here’s the site updates thus far.  All future updates will have their own post.


“This account was suspended for being Inactive.” I’m sorry, what? For being inactive for, what, five hours? Oh, I’m sorry for having a life, Byethost. Do you feel neglected? Like that school kid with cerebral palsy? Aw.


I’m just going to go ahead and say June 7th was the RGT’s officially start day. That was the day that I finally finished school and I can now devote more time to more pressing matters, like Minecraft. Or.. eh.. you know. RGT.


Had visitors all week, so I’m starting up again now. Heehee, and I’m starting college soon! Going to Full Sail University starting August 29th! I need to start putting these updates on my blog.


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