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Inspirational And Motivational Weekend December 15, 2010

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Hey, I have a WordPress. How long has this been here, and why was I not informed??

Wooo, post. I feel like sharing.
So, I pretty much gave up on school. “Oh, you’re just too lazy to do the work.” No. I gave up on it because I found it pointless. I had no reason for why I should keep trying and figured I could get by with what I already knew. After all, programming was already as easy as a first language and anything I didn’t know could be found online, right? But, I also had no idea what exactly I would do afterwards. Sure, I could do some programs or make a few websites and use them as a portfolio, and work my way up the chain to get a full-time job doing so, but at the same time it didn’t really seem right. In all honesty, I hate programming. I think it’s cool and I feel lucky that I can do so, and I’ve been told that I can make some pretty cool things. Doesn’t change the fact that I don’t like it.

That was my attitude up until this past Friday.

Over this past weekend, I visited two colleges: The Art Institute of Tampa and Full Sail University. It was so cool to go to them both!

Spoiler: I always have (and still do!) love art. It had always been a “That’s cool, I’m going to do stuff like that!” sort of thing. I would practice of course, but I would never get very good and would be too embarrassed to show anyone. For all this time, I always thought art would just be a small hobby while I do whatever I ended up doing.

That all changed. I have officially changed my major to something that I can see myself doing, and being happy doing it! Here’s a hint. It’s art related. Going to the colleges was so inspirational, I’m actually gladly doing things in school so I can graduate on time and with a good record. Unexpected, no? I hope I didn’t mess myself up; I’m so far behind, it’s unbelievable. It’s pretty cool, though; I’m so far behind and yet when I actually have motivation and drive, I can take out respectable chunks of work.

This is the last week before finals, then the semester ends. Wish me luck!<3


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