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Feli! November 28, 2009

Filed under: Friendship — Rorroh @ 7:12 pm

Um.. So I finally got to posting!  Troubles, adjusting and such.  But that’s not what this one is about. 😀

About a week ago, the night before I had planned to return to Second Life, I finally confirmed my friend’s chat user name so we started chatting.  Our conversation eventually got to where we lived.  Turns out that one of my closest friends on Second Life, Felicity Bimbogami, lives nearby.  10-15 minutes away from me!  Interesting coincidence, no?  Finally I get to meet someone from Second life! >w<

RoX, Mike, Cleo, Feli

RoK Vella, Mikeza Obolensky, Cleo Kinomis, and Felicity Bimbogami, respectively left to right.

Makes me wonder.. what other things can happen? Maybe my luck is really turning around. So next time you think your alone, randomly ask your online friends where exactly they live with excruciating detail! ;D

Not a very large post it seems, but maybe next time it’ll be longer. :3


4 Responses to “Feli!”

  1. Sylver Bu Says:

    Hey! DO me a favor please?

    Tell your friend Felicity Bimbogami to stop copybotting my shit. 🙂 I’d really appreciate it if she’d quit it before she gets to mg ebcause if she tries that shit here, she’ll be burried under so many lawsuits, she wont know what way is up or down.

    😉 I don’t appreciate little thieves, specially ones trying to claim their fame under my name.

    • Rorroh Says:

      Eh? I’ve never known her to do so, but I’ll pass the message on to her anyway.

    • Felicity Bimbogami Says:

      Sylver, it has been brought to my attention that I am using YOUR head. I do not mean to CB ANYTHING. I did not CB ANYTHING. That sculpt was given to me by a friend. Danielle Perian/Udein. I used it because I thought her friend made it like she explained. I never really noticed it was yours until so many avis were already out :(. I hope you believe me because it’s the truth. I don’t CB. And my newer avis DO NOT have ANYTHING that is CBed on them. I will remove the avis with the head sculpt, which was the only thing that was CBed.

  2. Echo Ovis Says:

    Sylver, suck my balls. ❤ Sylver probbaly wouldn't waste her time to post that anyways, get a life Alden. ;D

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