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Hellos~ November 23, 2009

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Just wanted to start off my blog with a little hello.  I had some long, thought out, six paragraph thing planned out and took many many hours to write it because I was multitasking, but decided to just stick with a basic introduction.  So hello and thanks for taking time to read my blog! Now goodnight.  Because I am very tired and would like rest.

[Edit; less tired, more introduction! No MSG added.]
I’ve just started this blog and I’m still tinkering around a bit with options and features, figuring out how to do what and such, and I think.. I’m completely and utterly lost. Any help would be appreciated. Or you can sit back and watch this go up in flames. Don’t forget the marshmallows!
In this blog I will be talking about things that come to mind, whether they hold an important message or just random nonsense that I wanted to pass on to you. Kinda like a fortune cookie, but without having to force the cookie down your throat after eating so much Chinese food. Or if you have any ideas, feel free to tell me about them! ^^


One Response to “Hellos~”

  1. Apollo Says:

    \o/ Whoooooooo!!!!

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